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Mission D&A is a pop-up dining event space

from David Nayfeld & Angela Pinkerton



Angela Pinkerton and David Nayfeld met during their respective tenures at the acclaimed restaurant Eleven Madison Park in 2008. It would be disingenuous to say that it was love at first sight. After a small kitchen tiff that resulted in three months of not speaking to each other, Nayfeld and Pinkerton were tasked with the execution of a dinner at the prestigious James Beard house. By the end of the day it was clear that the two had a long friendship ahead of them. 

Along with business partner Matt Brewer, Nayfeld and Pinkerton will be opening Che Fico at 838 Divisadero in the winter of 2016. In an effort to keep their sanity and the lights on they will be hosting a series of dinners at the former Roosevelt Tamales Parlor at 2817 24th st. 

The concept of the dinners will change every few weeks. As new concepts come up, the reservations will become available for 2-3 weeks prior to the dinners. Menus will be posted ahead of time but, are subject to change. Mission D&A is loud and lively. We encourage you to relax, get in the spirit and have fun! We look forward to cooking for you!

For inquiries about booking the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor space for an event or to do your own pop up please contact events@nayfeldpinkertonproject.com



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If pastry is that perfect combination of science and art, then no one is more qualified to create it than Angela Pinkerton.
— Laurie Ulster, The Chef's Connection
[ David ] observes a traditional, chivalrous approach to living a proper culinary lifestyle. It’s his love affair with ingredients that resonates after tasting one of his exquisitely prepared dishes.
— Renee George, LA Canvas